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10 yrs of age of older. Basic (Junior) Open Water Diver

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Underwater Hunter & Collector

"good divers never stop learning"


Provide certified scuba divers with the basic technical knowledge and skills necessary to be competent in hunting underwater with emphasis on the Lionfish.  This knowledge will allow the diver to realize the benefits and fun of hunting underwater.  The course covers background and general safety information that will help in the choice of the appropriate gear and techniques for the application.

Motivations for underwater hunting:

  • It’s fun!
  • Consumption of fresh caught fish
  • Challenging
  • Thrill of the hunt
  • Conservation management


  • Academic 1-3 hour academic session
  • Practical 1-3 hour pool session

Open water dives: 

  • Two open water dives to demonstrate proficiency of knowledge and skills in weapon use while at an actual dive site.

Qualification for recognition: 

  • Pass exam with a score no less than 75%
  • Show proficiency in skills for safe and competent weapon use in both confined and open water environments.

Graduates will have understanding of:

  • Skin Dive
  • Identify hazards and safety concerns
  • Properly use spearing and collection equipment
  • Demonstrate specific hunting/collecting techniques
  • Understand how to hunt and collect responsibly