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Learn the cylinder inspection process


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One day Visual Inspection Procedure course for all that work with high pressure cylinders. Training meets and/or exceeds all requirements as set forth by governing agencies; OSHA, CGA and DOT, as it relates to HAZMAT. This class is for new students as well as anyone in need of the three-year refresh training. Regardless of where you did you initial training, we can take care of you! The CTS course is backed by a $2M errors and omissions policy, unique to the industry!

This is a hands-on course where students get experience doing a visual cylinder inspection, taking apart and rebuilding a valve and an overview of compressors.

Who this course is for:

Individuals that:

Wish to know more about the visual inspection procedures used in the compressed gas industry, not just scuba
Wish to know how to properly handle high pressure cylinders
Will be working with high pressure cylinders as part of their employment

The Visual Inspections Procedures course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

Legal requirements, standards of the community
Safe handling of cylinders
Fill station operator rules and recommendations
Identification of the various cylinder markings
Legal/illegal filling requirements
Filling procedures
Tools and their uses
Visual inspection indications
Proper identification of the various defect conditions
Criteria for rejection and condemnation of a cylinder
Define the criteria for cylinder rejection
Define the criteria for condemning a cylinder

Other services

Valve inspection and cleaning
Compressor operations
The basis for cylinder cleaning
Visual inspection procedures
Step by step walk-through of the inspection process

What’s in it for you?
Upon successful completion of this course graduates may:

Visually inspect high-pressure scuba cylinders for defective conditions that could cause a cylinder failure.

Also, the SDI VIP certification counts towards a single specialty rating toward advanced diver and master diver programs

Visual Inspection Procedures minimum requirements:

Inspect a cylinder during the program
Satisfactorily complete the ITI Visual Inspection written examination with a score of at least 80%
Demonstrate the ability to identify those conditions in a cylinder that would reject or condemn

How to take this course!

Available as an Online Course: Start eLearning today! Contact the store to book your eLearning code.
eLearning Course Cost: $39.99 USD

Next Offering March 25th 2023

Visual Inspection Procedures  



Air fill Station Operator or Equivalent. Minimum age: 18 years old