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The Diving Emergency Management Provider course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to effectively manage the multiple facets of a true diving emergency.  This course combines four of DAN's (Diver's Alert Network) core first aid courses. Basic Life Support: First Aid and CPR, First Aid for Marine Life Injuries, Neurological Assessments, Emergency Oxygen for SCUBA Diving Injuries.

Motivations for Rescue

  • Any certified open water scuba diver who wishes to expand their diver knowledge and skill set
  • Any certified advanced diver who would like to advance their dive training
  • Anyone interested in becoming a Master Diver or advance to a Leadership roll

Course Duration

  • 1 day (8 hours) of discussions, instructor demonstrations, skills evaluation from hands on training, and a written exam. ​

Qualification for Recognition

  • Complete exam with a score of at least 75%
  • Demonstrate competence in executing skills to satisfaction of the instructor

The following topics will be covered during this course:
The DEMP course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills for an individual to effectively and confidently manage the multiple demands of a diving emergency.

  • CPR and use of AED
  • Neurological assessments
  • Decompression illness and stroke
  • Atmospheric gases
  • Respiration and circulation
  • Oxygen safety
  • Oxygen first aid for SCUBA diving injuries
  • Envenomations from marine life
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Life-threatening complications
  • Seafood poisonings
  • Avoidance of marine life injuries

Skill demonstration for evaluation include:

  • Neurological assessment of a class mate
  • Correct CPR on a dummy
  • AED use on a dummy
  • Assembly and usage of an emergency O2 kit
  • Caring for a recovering victim
  • Accident reports and site management

Enrollment required

Saturday, February 29th, 2020 9-4:30. Please complete the online portion prior to class. You will receive instructions when you enroll in the class.


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Diving Emergency Management Provider

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